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Please see below for samples of case results.  For more information download the RSPCA's Prosecution records for 2006-2007 , 2007-2008 and 2008-2009

Some court results before BLEATS:

26 year old woman, slaughtered a pet goat at a Brisbane church in a Friday the 13th prank. 2 years probation $75,000 fine or 2 years imprisonment
An 18 year old kicked to death a kitten at a local park in front of children 1 month jail, released on bail pending appeal after serving 5 days. Appeal upheld, fine and community service ordered instead of jail. $75,000 fine or 2 years imprisonment
A man bludgeoned 4 cats to death and a fifth cat had to be euthanased because of the severity of its injuries Fined $1,800 *This case was later appealed and it was ordered that the man serve 3 months in jail $75,000 fine or 2 years imprisonment
A man cut the ears off a puppy with a pair of scissors because he “wanted to make it look fierce” 3 months jail $75,000 fine or 2 years imprisonment
6 soldiers urinated on a litter of kittens, dropped them repeatedly, tied a noose around the head of one kitten and dragged it behind a trail bike at speeds of up to 60 km/ph. They then placed it behind the rear wheels of a ute, released the handbrake and crushed its skull. They doused the remaining kittens with petrol and set them on fire. Fined $2,000 each $75,000 fine or 2 years imprisonment
A man tried cable ties on his dogs scrotum to desex it was found guilty of cruelty Fined $1,200 $75,000 fine or 2 years imprisonment
A man cut the tail of his puppy with a steak knife was found guilty of cruelty 2 months imprisonment and 2 years probation $75,000 fine or 2 years imprisonment
A man failed to treat his horses broken leg – and pleaded guilty Fined $1,000 $22,500.00 or 1 yr Imprisonment
A woman who failed to provide food and water to her 27 animals was found guilty Fined $1,000 $22,500.00 or 1 yr Imprisonment
A woman tied her dog to a car and forgot where she had left it, resulting in the dog being dragged behind the car and pleaded guilty 15 months probation $22,500.00 or 1 yr Imprisonment

Here are some of the results BLEATS lawyers have achieved for the RSPCA:




Sept 2009

Man mutilated 7 month old fox terrier ‘peanut’ with a pair of secateurs before decapitating him.

Maximum penalty of 3 years Imprisonment

Sept 2009

Man loaded 120 cattle onto a truck to be transported 1600km.  Before the truck was loaded the man was advised of the cattle’s appalling condition but the man insisted that they be transported.  Unfortunately the all of the cattle died on the way.


Dec 20009

A man brutally killed 2 kittens by drowning them and a 3rd kitten survived but had suffered a week of abuse- where the man hit, kicked and threw the kitten against walls.

$5000 and 2 years probation, $2499.31 in costs to the RSPCA and undertake 150 hours of community service ( and attend other psychological treatment directed by probation officer).

Dec 2009

Lady kept female dog and 8 puppies in squalled living conditions and failed to provide treatment for the dog resulting in the dog’s emancipation.

$3,000 fine and ordered to pay $4,426.99 to the RSPCA for their costs.

Dec 2009

Man failed to treat a dog with a severe injury, the dog suffered immensely.

$1200 fine and $681.00 to the RSPCA for their costs.

Feb 2010

Woman failed to treat an advanced skin cancer on a cat, the cat suffered tremendously.

$3000 fine and $73.80 court costs.

March 2010

Woman dumped 8 newborn puppies in a plastic bag into a bin.  The puppies were found by a passerby, alive, but had they not been found would have suffered a slow and agonising death.

$2,500 plus 5 year probation ordered.  Abandonment matters usually $500-$1000 but because of the severity of this case the fine was increased.

March 2010

Man left a dog and 10 puppies in faeces laden, putrid backyard and did not feed them or treat them at all.  Pups underweight and flee laden.

$3,000 and 5 year probation plus costs to the RSPCA.

March 2010

Woman was living out of her car with 12 Persian cats and 11 Pomeranian dogs.  The 12 cats were in cages, with no access to food, water or litter trays.  The cats were soaked in their own excrement, had matted hair, ringworm, and extensive skin sores.

$4,000 fine and RSPCA costs of $5,000.

March 2010

Woman surrendered her dog which had suffered severe neglect- flea burdened, mangy coat, had gone blind due to 100s a maggots in his eyes, and suffered dental disease.

$5,000 fine and $547.58 costs to the RSPCA.