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Thank you for your interest in supporting BLEATS in obtaining tougher sentences for Animal Cruelty offenders.  Please sign our petition.

Magistrates are currently unable to hand down more appropriate sentences as they do not have any precedent to base these sentences on.  To get this precedent, animal cruelty cases need to be taken a higher court on appeal, which of course, is an expensive process.

BLEATS has an ever growing panel of lawyers willing to provide their services pro-bono, but some expenses are still incurred and there is still a gap in cases vs representation.

The RSPCA has an annual legal budget of only approximately $50 000.  A recent case alone has required $300 000 in legal work to date, thankfully in that instance the work is being provided pro-bono.

If you would like to make a donation directly to the RSPCA, you can do so on the RSPCA web site. If you would like information on how to volunteer please contact the RSPCA.

At this stage the Bleats Group are not legally able to respond to members of the general public in relation to any animal welfare issues. If you believe an event is happening of concern, please contact your local RSPCA branch directly.


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Support tougher sentences for animal cruelty offenders

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